Honestly, it's been a while I was planning to do this post. And finally, here it is! I have to admit, I have a strong opinion when talking about cosmetics... First of all, I am trying to use as less cosmetics as I can, which was tested on animals. Another great reason - my skin. I can't use most of high street/drugstore product, cause my skin is super sensitive/allergic/sophisticated. So after long search this is what fits me best :)

Just so we are clear: I am not talking about skin routine (cleanser, tonic and etc.). This is only cosmetics. Which, by the way depends on my skin being. Most of the time, my skin tend to be almost perfect, so from this section I use only blush and some concealer.
And there are times it's not so perfect... That's when MAC studio fix powder comes in handy. You need just a little and it hides pretty much everything and vualia your skin looks amazing.
But sometimes you need more than that (in winter I usually use liquid foundation just to prevent skin from damages, for example cold). So I chose either very light foundation - Borjois 10hours sleep or a bit heavier - Vichy Dermablend. I have to mention, that whenver I am using Vichy foundation I am not applying it ALL over my face, just in a few places (yes, that's how I use my foundation :D ).

I already told you most of the time I am wearing only blush. That's the reason I've tried so many of them and still haven't found the best one:( If you have any suggestions about blushes, please let me know! Anyway, I am pretty happy with Maybelline (the only face product  from this line, which didn't irritated my skin) and The Body Shop bronzing pearls. Plus, when I am going somewhere in the evening I put on highlighter from NO7, which is fabulous! It's really amazing product, except for the packing.

 2) EYES
Just so you know, I have this theory - I don't believe in buying expensive liners and mascaras. I found out that most of cheaper ones are as good as pricy ones. For example, I had Dior show, yes, I admit it was fabulous, but not suitable for the day though, however, my lovely Prestige Full Volume was as good as Dior, or at least I didn't noticed any difference (except Prestige is 3 times cheaper than Dior). Unfortunately, I don't have them at the moment. Currently, I have Maybelline Illegal Length (ohh, what a disappointment is this:( ) and Euriphida mascara allungante, which one I am extremely happy about.
And eyeshadows... I don't know how to use them properly (i'm working on it!), but I can do a smoky eyes, with dark grey and silver (the only trick I can do with eyeshadows:D ). So I have only a few of them from Artdeco (love the idea that you buy colors separately and afterwards you have to buy a cute box, where to put them - so, basically the idea is, that Artdeco lets you to create your own pallet). Also I have eye shadows from KIKO in photo you can see nude, but somewhere I have a shadows due: grey + silver.
Well, I know how to make a cat eyes, so this compensates the shadows, I hope. Pencils I own  - Artdeco, Kiko; liquid liners - Catrice. Eye brows pencil - H&M (don't laugh it's pretty good!).


I have a thing for lipsticks... Here you can see my small collection (not all of them, others are in purses or somewhere else) of them :) I have a lip pencils as well (red & nude) , but they are missing, for some reason.. As for lipgloss I have 2: Borjois and Kiko. Personally, I prefer lipsticks, but these two lip glosses are not sticky and great in general :)

I hope, you understood, that I am not using everything you saw here everyday. My every day make up routine usually is - blush + lipstick + mascara (sometimes compact powder).

If you want to get better review of product I own, please let me know in comments and don't forget I would really love to hear your opinions about some product as well! Any suggestions are always welcome! :)

Now I am off to sleep! Good night, everyone, xxx
P.S. And that's how I keep my make up :))


  1. tave uztaginom ! :)


  2. Nice :)


  3. I also like and use some of this products :D

  4. Oh su ta kosmetika. Ankščiau beveik išvis nesidažiau, o paskui kai prasidėjo tai ojoj, nors kasdien ir nededu ant savęs tonos špakliaus. Tušų kiek esu pabandžius man pats pačiausias yra Maybelline Pulse Perfection. Tobulai ilgina blakstienas, tokios juodos juodos pasidaro, kaip iš reklamų kokių ;DD Lūpdažiams ir apskritai lūpų priemonėms aš irgi turiu silpnybę, turiu begalę lūpdažių ir vazelinų ir kelis blizgius. Blizgių nelabai mėgstu nes kiek išbandžius visi labai lipnūs ir nemalonūs, o dabar nusipirkau iš e.l.f ir taip tobulai tiko ir spalva ir tekstūra, super : ))


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