Well, Sunday was beyond perfect! Weather in Italy is crazy as the warmth finally reached us. I was walking only in my shirt and I wasn't cold! So I wanted to be really colorful, but at the same time to stay true to myself. I suppose, I managed to do it quite well.

Yesterday we had a road trip along the lake! We had so much fun, so just a quick post of today's outfit  and a few photos:)

Have a lovely week everyone, xxx


  1. Kaip pavasariskai, pavydukas! :))

  2. Dieve mano, kaip tobula!!!
    Kokia tu grazi, kaip abu su vaikinu graziai atrodot ir kokios nuostabios nuotraukos!!! Super :**
    Zodziu, viskas nerealu. As net neturiu zodziu <3

  3. Gražūs žmonės ir žavingos šypsenos:))

  4. Labai gražios nuotraukos, vaizdai ir be abejo tu! : )

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