As all the girls, I really like these kinds of posts. It's so interesting to see what people are carrying around with them! So once again I am showing what I have in my bag :)
Honestly, I am one of those people who has loads of stuff in their handbags (you know, just in case I need anything). I usually leave home in the morning and come back only in the evening.. But even if this is not the case I would never leave home without my wallet, keys, agenda, phone and Samsung tablet

I must admit, the content of my bag is constantly changing, because it depends on so many things.. For example, if after work I am going out, I will have some make up there(compact powder, concealer). So this is just what I had in my bag now:
Samsung tablet;
Small makeup bag;
Ray-ban sunnies (adore them);
Lip balm or/and lipstick (when I was taking pictures where was no lipstick, but usually I have one);
Pocket mirror;

Have you done posts like these? Leave link in comments section and I will make sure to check it out:) Also, I promise, loads of stuff is coming up on blog, so stay tuned everyone!

Hope you all, have a good weekend!xx


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  2. Bag is really beautiful. I use the same lip balm ;)

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  5. lovely stuff :)

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  8. Love your sun glasses and your wallet :)
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    Great blog and i love your bag <3
    Love rayban glasses!


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