Somehow, I am speechless! Getting ready for exams session at uni, takes my free time and energy. I still have one month to prepare, but I am simply not the person who leaves everything for the last minute:) So on a free afternoon we went straight to Bracciano lake side. And it's really warm right now so some skirt and tee seemed perfect. Don't have much to add really, enjoy the look!xx

P.S. Sorry for the phone quality pictures! Something is wrong with my lense :(


  1. Love your skirt, lovely look

  2. You look great! Superinis sijonas:*

  3. Graziai atrodai. :)
    Ir taip pavydziu, kad nepalieki visko paskutinei minutei! Nes man reikia pradeti kartotis irgi, o as nesugebu. :(


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