As the day passes by weather gets colder and colder... Can't complain just yet, the weather is still pretty amazing. Enjoy it while you can! Cause autumn is just around the corner... But honestly, I can't wait for it start:)

 P.S. Post with photos from Salerno is coming up! Stay tuned!x


  1. hi babe!
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  2. puikiai! :) kaip pavydziu gero oro :/

  3. Gražu. :)

  4. Sitas derinukas man labai patinka! Sijonukas ir palaidine labai grazus :)

  5. Love these earrings!
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  6. Aciu visoms!

    Thanks for everyone!x

  7. You look fantastic in that skirt! xx ps- let me know if you would like to follow each other! ^^

  8. Achhhh... Net skaudu dabar pažiūrėti į trumpus sijonus... Kad mums dar nors mėnesiuką tokio oro..:DD Tačiau, kad ir kaip ten bebūtų, derinukas nuostabus :)


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