Last year, I didn't know what I want, well, this year I want way too many things! :) Hey, a girl can dream, right!?

1. Kimono. I am on of those, who loves getting out of bed and getting straight into kimono, for guilty pleasures on the weekends. So this kimono is just perfect!
2. KIKO travelling make-up set. Well, as I travel a lot between Lithuania and Italy and constantly move around, I lose most of my make up brushes in between... And KIKO offers me a solution - all brushes in one place. And also their quality is awesome!:)
3. Salvatore Ferragamo perfume "Signorina". My perfumes are slowly going to an end and I really loved the smell this perfect scent! So, Santa, please, I promise, I'll be good! 
4. Collistar hair oil. I am currently using the one from Macadamia, but I don't enjoy it as much, so this is kinda thing i really need!
5. Clarisonic MIA2. OK, I know how pricey this is, but for my capricious face I kinda think it would be great. I will probably gonna buy it myself though (after holidays)! :)
6. AGENDA. This is the hardest gift to find ever! I am always looking for the perfect one, I this year I haven't found it yet :( In the picture you can see Lilly-pulitzer agenda, but it's for 2013-2014 so it doesn't work for me.
7. Trollbeads ring & bead. I have my trollbeads bracelet for a few years, and it's my fav thing ever! I haven't bought a one bead myself, I got them all on special occasions :) Christmas is also occasion, isn't it?:) And the ring, it's just perfection. So minimalistic and elegant.. love it!
8. Swarovski bracelet. The moment I saw it, I knew it has to be mine! Also so so perfect, I can't even find the words :)

I have even more wishes! But you know, I chose what I want the most now! Haha, Santa, I hope you will read this post and will make me happy on Christmas morning :)))

Tell me, what you do want for Christmas?!


  1. interested in following each other via GFC?
    I will follow you back.

  2. As irgi visada nesioju savo trolbeadsus, kvepalu irgi labai noriu, dabar iki pilnos kolekcijos truksta chanel chloe... bet didziausia man dovana siais metais butu Fotoaparatas. Jauciu ji artejant gimtadienio proga ;)))))


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