I am not gonna write those cheesy post with my wishes for 2014 or anything! :) I hope you all had a fabulous evening! Cause we surely did - we spent evening at fancy restaurant eating see food (simply divine!) , laughing and drinking champagne ... And we even forgot to take pictures, ooops! 
Anyways, I thought I'll show you a few of my Christmas gifts! Santa knew well that I wanted and I guess I was a really good girl last year haha! :) But best Christmas gift I got was from my boyfriend ..
I got asked to get married the day before Christmas Eve! Now everyday I am wearing my favorite accessory ever - my lovely engagement ring! It's so perfect - classy, white gold with perfectly shaped diamond! I am just so so so happy! :)

Anyways, take a look and stay for more posts! The only thing I can tell is I really promise to blog way more after my exams session, kisses xxx


  1. Kaip gražu... :))) Sveikinimai susižadėjus :)

    1. Ačiū! Atvirai sakant pati vis ar negaliu atsidžiaugti :)))


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