A really quick post with the most simple outfit ever! When we are off for a lunch I want something cosy, so oversized mint sweater, black leggings and some pearls is the way to go.  Haven't posted in a while here, well, pardon me! I was sick and still have a few problems to figure out before diving into blogging again:) kisses,xx
P.S. How do you like my new short hair? It was a hard decision, very needed one though! haha, more about that in the next "hair talk" post!x


  1. Replies
    1. ačiū, labai paprastutis, bet jaukus :}

  2. Mano akimis, labai tinka Tau toks kirpimas :) ir plaukai atrodo sveikai. Derinukas ir man jaukus ;)

  3. O kaip man patinka nuotraukos! Grazuole!!

  4. Labai graziai tinkantis kirpimas! Smagu pasikeisti, vis vien ataugs tie plaukai :)) as pati nusireziau irgi trumpai ir taip gera, taip lengva ir puru :))


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