Klaus Kobec obssesion

Klaus Kobec obssesion by mildutep featuring Loeffler Randall

Fall is my favorite season ! Just a quick post about my obsession on Klaus Kobec watches, the design is too perfect to be true... Don't you just love the gold watch on the right?! Cause I am in love :)

Anyways, my blog has been off for a while now and it will remain closed/under construction for a little bit more. I am trying to sort many things out, one of them being design. I'm currently working with a few very talented people to make my blog more modern and fresh. Cleared up my head and figured out how I want my "Fashion Mantra" to be... If you missed me, stay tuned, cause I am slowly coming back with many many things to share:)

Love, M


  1. Labai smagu, kad grįžai prie blogo rašymo! Lauksiu naujų įrašų ir derinukų :)


    1. Ačiū:)) na iki grįžimo dar trūksta šiek tiek, bet po truputį judu link to :)


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