I've read somewhere that C is for cosy. In my case it's for cold! It's freezing in Lithuania... Gonna take pictures at work or something, cause it is not possible to take pictures outside any longer. Look at that we captured today and you will almost be able to see my outfit of the day :)) have a nice evening, guys,x

Coat  TAVO STILIUS/ Tshirt JESSICA / Sweater TOP SHOP/ Leggings NEW YORKER/ Booties ASOS/ Sunnies can't remember/ Gloves H&M/ Scarf a gift

P.S. I forgot to take my scarf of because it was so cold and I know, it does not suit the outfit at all,but oh well.. And also, pardon my hair, trying to sort it out, next week probably going to see my hairstylist :)

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