This is probably not the post You would like to see from me, but... As always, when I start blogging more, my camera decides to break down! But no worries, on weekend I am gonna post a normal OOTD post, with high quality pictures (fingers crossed).  For now, I got this idea to capture my outfit of the day by my phone and do a insta-type post, to show what I am wearing today! So, this is just a super quick post :) hope you like it,x

P.S. How GORGEOUS is this fake fur vest I have on? Unfortunately, you cannot see in this picture, but the front is covered in fur and the back is leather. One word L-O-V-E! Will show more of it soon:)
Coat ZARA/ Shirt  H&M/ vest NEW YORKER/ Jeans can't remember/ Watch KLAUS KOBEC/ Booties ASOS


  1. Oj, kaip noreciau ir as ko nors su kailine detale si rudeni... Bet, matyt, kol kas dar nelemta, nes niekur negaliu rasti to, ko ieskau :)

    1. Ruduo ne ruduo be kailines liemenes:)) o as kazkaip radau net dvi, sia ir dar viena :) nors praeita sezona neradau nei vienos..:D ot isrankios mes:)

  2. Man labai patinka balti džinsai!!
    Jei man tiktų ir taip greitai neišsitepčiau baltų rūbų nešiočiau ir nešiočiau...

    Gražus derinukas!


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