christmas wishlist

Actually, I did a wishlist like this for last Christmas (check it here), so I was inspired to do it again! Thought you might get some inspiration or simply you are just noisy and wanna know what I am currently dreaming about:) So lets get to it:

1. Smashbox "Full exposure pallete";
2. A new PC (yeah, mine is old now);
3. YSL "Baby doll kiss and blush";
4. Pearl earrings;
5. Wet brush;
6. New Balance 620;
7. Jo Malone candle;
8. Jo Malone cologne "Peony and blush suede".

Quite a list, huh? I am sure, I was not such a good girl this year, but I still want them all!:) Tell me what you are craving for in the comments section down below,x

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  1. YSL šis skruostų/lūpų dažas superinis, tikrai norėčiau :) o šiaip mano norų sąraše daug šešėlių palečių, kažkodėl užsimaniau prieš šventes..:)


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