Christmas is just around the corner, and yet, you still find yourself searching for some last minute gifts? No worries, I got your back! Few weeks back I bought myself a lovely "Whole lotta chubby" set from Clinique and I can tell you right now, any lippies lover will adore it! It contains for chubbies in total: 2 moisturizing lip balms and 2 chubby sticks intense. The colors you get are: woppin' watermelon, pudgy peony, plushest punch and grandest grape. The color payoff of stick intense is beyond great and the lasting power is alright, I guess. As for the lip balms they feel so incredibly comfortable on the lips and I love love the look of Pudgy Peony on me! Honestly, I enjoy all of them, because they all look pretty different on the lips. This set will look good on anybody, really, and the set also comes with the pouch (not a fan of it). Want to hear the best part? It's only 19,90 euros for the whole thing! Pretty cool present for any girl out there!


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