Wanted to share a quick outfit post with you, guys! We captured just a few pics before my camera died and afterwards I immediately left for... some Christmas shopping! Bought last gifts that were missing, had a lovely latte macchiato (you wouldn't believe HOW hard it is to get a good latte macchiato even in Italy) and spent whole afternoon just browsing through shops. It's still  incredibly warm over here (around +14), so no need for layering or super warm knits yet, but going back to Lithuania in a few weeks, so I have a feeling, I am going to need all warm everything than, haha. By the way, in picture you can see I am wearing my pearly earcuff, which I have been loving lately! Hope you like it,x
Coat, earcuff ZARA/ Skirt, bag NEW YORKER/ Shirt LINDEX/ Sunnies Rayban/ Bracelet ACCESSORIZE


  1. nice jacket and look
    here is my new Christmas post


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