I'm speechless, somehow, I didn't know that Perugia is so similar to Florence, which I adore. And of course it is super pretty and the views you are able to see from the city center are breathtaking, you can see yourself, what I am talking about!

And a little bit about the city: 
"Perugia is one of Italy’s lesser known regional capitals. It is the capoluogo, or capital, of the region of Umbria. This region is often referred to as “il cuore verde dell’Italia” or the green heart of Italy. The city of Perugia is situated on top of a hill. It has one of the highest elevations of any city in Umbria. The center of the city, Piazza IV Novembre, is at the top of this hill and houses the Fontana Maggiore, the Duomo (the main cathedral of Perugia) and the Palazzo dei Priori (an important historical political building). Corso Vannucci is the main street that connects the main piazza with Piazza Italia and the Rocca Paolina (all that remains of Etruscan Perugia before Pope Paul III destroyed and built over that part of the city making a fortress in response to Perugia’s attempt to defy the Church). If you walk across Piazza Italia to Via Independenza you will find one of my favorite panoramas of the Umbrian countryside. From here you can see more of Perugia, the city of Assisi and the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Since it is a hilltop town, there are plenty of beautiful panoramas to enjoy. The price you pay for the beautiful views, though, is an inordinate amount of stairs. Perugia is definitely not the easiest city to walk around in, especially for those who have limited mobility."
Source here.

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