The year has just started and I already know that this thing will be my favorite forever, because my face never looked better. But first things first, this is a toning and exfoliating disc from Alma K (Italian brand, I believe). It is made from 100 %  silicone and has these tiny tiny bristles which exfoliates your skin in the most gentle way, it opens up your pores and removes all the dirt. And I have to admit it really works wonders on my skin! I use it with La Roche Posay Effaclar H cleansing mousse (which is another obsession of mine!) and move it in circular motions all around my face for about ~15 seconds on each part and I'm hooked. My skin haven't broken out in a long time, blackheads are pretty much gone and my pores look awesome! I suspect this is a super duper cheap dupe for Clarisonic, obviously, it's not electronic or anything, but I think it works in a very similar way by deep cleansing your face. If your skin is extremely sensitive and you simply cannot use pretty much any exfoliating product, try this and your problem will be solved. Plus, this disc is super small and doesn't take up too much space while travelling and also it's only 5 euros! You can find it in profumeria Limoni (in Italy) and I found something similar on Ebay, check it here. Honestly,  I cannot  recommend it enough!

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