From now on, if I receive an item from a company, I will put an asterisk (*) next to the item. In posts where I may have received more than one item, instead of an asterisk (*), I may write 'contains PR samples' as a disclaimer at the end of the post. If a post has been sponsored, I will mention it in the post itself, usually in the form of a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. I would never blog about a brand or an item that I wouldn't wear or buy myself nor say something positive about an item that I am genuinely not in love with. My reviews are always 100% honest!

Also, I didn't want this post to be super boring so here is a selfie, haha! But I really hope you will appreciate this new policy,x
Handbag ZARA/ Sweater UCB/ Necklace VINTED/ On the lips CLINIQUE chubby stick intense in Grandest grape


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